Sport Specific Training

Three training packages designed to address individual athletes’ needs:

Performance Package

Perfect for the self-motivated athlete who needs a well-defined program framework and day-by-day schedule with prioritized workouts defined by time, distance and intensity. 

Personal Best Package

Best suited for the athlete who prefers greater contact with their coach. Designed to focus on a significant performance level or physical goal. With increased modifications and consultation, this program provides a more refined and adaptable training plan.

Podium Package

Designed for athletes aspiring to finish on the podium, secure a qualifying spot or optimal performance for their ability. This package is also suitable for the athlete with significant time constraints or returning from injury or illness.

PACEperformance packages provide access to, or include the following:

Working with the athlete, PACEperformance coaches design an individualized goal attainment plan specific to each athlete with a time bound schedule. This plan is reviewed periodically based on the type of training package. (see chart below for details).

Provides an ATP (annual training plan) as the backbone to training.  Programs are developed, reviewed and finetuned weekly.  Metrics are review, discussed and revised according to an athletes Fitness, Fatigue and Form.

  • The Activity
  • Duration
  • Intensity
  • Program revisions
  • Yearly overview

Strategies & goals will be established for each event or training period followed by an activity analysis to identify strengths, weaknesses, successes, and next steps. Results and analysis will provide the basis for revision of ATP and reflected in the ongoing weekly program development.

Benchmarking for each activity will be carried out on a 6-8 week basis, to quantify adaptations and establish new training parameters.  PACEperformance training is focused on physical zone training and adheres to the 80/20 training principle.  (i.e. 80% base training 20% high intensity training).

Designed to target a variety of outcomes supporting increased fitness and performance level. Team training provides athletes the opportunity to focus on the required intensities in a positive environment that challenges their strengths and targets areas in need of further development. A significant social element will be built into all team training events providing the athlete access to a group of “like-minded” individuals with shared experiences.

Over 30 years, PACEperformance coaches have developed outstanding relationships with a network of professionals to assist athletes with all aspects of health and wellness. This access will assure quality care, drastically reduce wait times and minimize down time. This network includes, Registered Dieticians, Massage Therapists, Physio Therapy, Chiropractic and Medial Doctors of various disciplines.

“Having been coached by Greg for over 5 years now, I truly appreciate his expertise and knowledge in training techniques and practices. Knowing he has put together a program tailored toward my goals, takes the worry out of wondering if I am doing what it takes to accomplish those goals. Greg knows when to push and when to lighten up. He knows what it takes physically as well as mentally. His own accomplishments and involvement in racing gives him a unique credibility. Greg has been there, done that. And always has just the right story or advice to offer. Thanks Greg, looking forward to a very big year.”
Margaret Dorioc, PACEperfomance Client
This past season training with Greg has helped me achieve goals I wouldn’t have been able to accomplish on my own. I completed my first marathon and Ironman using the tools and guidance that Greg provided me. I am honoured be a part of the Pace Performance family, and have made many great friends along the way.
Joshua Wilson, PACEperformance client

Pricing and Payment

Performance Package Personal Best Package Podium Package
Goal Setting Reviewed Quarterly Reviewed Monthly Reviewed Weekly
Training Program Weekly Weekly Weekly
Program Revisions Weekly Weekly Weekly
Athlete Driven Communication 4x per month 4x per month 4-8x per month
Coach Driven Communication 4x per month 4x per month 4-8x per month
Performance Strategy, Analysis & Assessment Quarterly Quarterly Quarterly and/or Event Based
Athletic Performance Testing & Zone Review / Revision Every 3 months Every 2 months Monthly
Team Training Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
PACEperformance Support Network Immediately as required Immediately as required< Immediately as required<
Athlete Limit 20 athletes 10 athletes 5 athletes
Price $145/month + HST $175/month + HST $215/month + HST

Frequent reviews of goals allow for refinement, alteration and increase performance progression.

All athletes are provided race strategy two-three weeks prior to an event. Post event analysis & assessment will occur within one week.

All Athletes are provide with race nutrition plans that include PreRace – the day prior, Immediate PreRace – 1-2 hours prior to event, Race plan and post race recovery plan.

PACEperformance will assist athletes in determining which performance measures are best utilized.

Access to the PACEperformance Support Network will be facilitated by PACEperformance.